Saturday, January 2, 2016

New Year: New Resolutions. Overhyped much?

A new year is a time of shouting optimism, delusional self-confidence and selective amnesia. Just kidding. Actually no, I'm serious. It's that time of the year when we religiously forget our past success rate with resolutions and are driven to make new resolutions, yet again (some just old wine in new bottle!).

On a serious, and more positive note, a new year automatically fills us with enthusiasm for making changes in our life that we have long desired but have not been able to act on yet. It offers a fresh hope and a new platform to try again, to start from scratch, even if it is to repeat our mistakes! On the last couple of days of 2015, as I sat meditating on what my resolutions for 2016 should be, I started reflecting on how overrated new resolutions actually are. My mind conjured up image after image and gathered evidence after evidence from my own past for supporting this idea, and ultimately I was left with this: no new resolutions in the new year this time; 2016 is to become the year I tie up loose ends.

Starting new projects is bold and cool, granted; finishing them is the real deal. This year, I plan to polish the skills I already have and improve myself further in everything I'm already involved in. If new endeavors present themselves, I'll lap them up of course, but I won't forget the importance of continuing to shine where I have already sparkled in past. To 'continuity for change'!

Btw if you like to read, and are looking for an inspired beginning to your new year, here is a great list by the awesome people at High Existence.

Happy new year :)

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