Saturday, January 2, 2016

Glimpses from my scrap-book

About a month back, I had my last class of the semester with a bunch of students from each class that I was teaching at Jamia Milia Islamia University. Since I was looking for prospects in other universities in the city, I had informed them that our class of the semester was also probably going to be our last class together- most probably, I wasn't coming back to teach them in 2016. The responses of my students were extremely touching! One class in particular, the 3rd semester, that I taught Abnormal Psychology, made my last couple of hours spent with them endearingly memorable. They got me this cake, as a Thank You token and many came to thank me personally with their own personal tokens of remembrance.

In our last but one class together, I had asked these students to give me feedback on what the Abnormal Psychology classes had done to them, meaning, if there was any change in their perspective towards mental illnesses and those diagnosed with them or any other such influence. I did expect positive feedback regrading this, and also positive feedback for my teaching as well thrown in, but never even in my dreams could I have anticipated the kind of adulation I saw in those little letters for myself and my teaching.
"We will miss you for being the Psychology teacher from the fantasy world."
I had tears in my eyes as I read letter after letter of undiluted love and admiration and truly realised the immense power the profession of teaching has for moulding hearts.
"I want to be like you- intellectual and kind. You made us become better human beings." 
I decided to preserve those letters and keep them close to me always. I know they are going to come handy as shields anytime I come close to somethin akin to burnout! Over the last few days, I took some of my favorite letters and pasted them in a scrapbook, which is now one of my most precious assets. 

Here are a few precious ones:

There is no end to my gratitude to the universe for allowing me to make such an impact on these kids, and for receiving so much more than I gave them.


  1. That's so inspiring. It feels great to get such beautiful comments from your students. Must have felt great, isn't it?

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